Wednesday, March 29

i know

i know i've been full of promises and full of excuses, but work has been crazy. but, i can promise an update this evening and a fantabulous picture for keep on coming. literally!

Friday, March 17

must sleep more

i'm exhausted. i don't know why. well obviously work is part of this...but other than that, i shouldn't be this tired.

i'm in bed every night before midnight, sleeping before one. and yet i'm still jonesin' for some zzzz's.

i'm sitting here at work with oodles of stupid crap to do, and i have absolutely no ambition to do anything. i just want to lay my head down and sleep. please.

its been a long time since i have woken up and felt refreshed. and i'm tired of that mother-fucking alarm clock telling me when to get up. i need a bar job back...i don't ever have to get up on time there.

i want one of those lazy days where you both lay in bed and pretty soon the cuddling turns into all out rampant sex. and then you lay there and pretty soon are doing it again. that would be fun.

i don't have anything to say. i want to have an all night drinking bender but i have to work tomorrow at 8. that makes thigns a little difficult. ok, saturday. but then sunday is my only day off and i don't want to waste it being completely hung over.

damn the man. i wanna quit.

Thursday, March 16

lets just screw

i know this is a blog about my sex and my love and my (newly adopted) children, but right now its going to be a rage against work.

i have received a threat of a verbal warning. yeah. it was written down. my boss was supposed to be in the office all day yesterday. i come in at 10 (flexible schedule, i have things going on this weekend for work). she is already gone. and has left me a NASTY letter about how this is unacceptable and i need to update my web calendar and blah blah crap.


oh well, enough of that.

this weekend was fine. saturday morning we got up bright and early with the kids and went to a wrestling match where psycho mom kicked in. then, we went to b's dad's house (he's building a new one) and were going to paint. i decided to go to walmart and buy mud boots for myself and little oldest one (four) to play. and play we did.

blah blah blah, the weekend was fine. monday i had the day off of work and i did laundry all day. literally, all day. but at least absolutely everything is clean in both b's house and mine. now we can at least keep up with it.

yeah, i lead a life of domesticated bliss. but its fine. i kinda like it.

last night i treated b to a fabulous blow job. he never gets them. ok, thats a lie, but he never gets them as to where i finish them. i usually just jump him halfway through. but this time, i hunkered down for the long haul. i figured he needed a little tlc. and i do believe he enjoyed it.

hnt thursday is going to be late again...shocker! but i'll definitely have one for you by 6:00 tonight!

Thursday, March 9

lunch break

i can't hardly type. my hands are still shaking. and it hurts to sit down.

i love makeup sex. there is something to be said about sweaty, 'why is your shirt still on and are you wearing only one sock?', 'where is my underwear, screw it i'll find another pair', i'm really late for work sex.

i think makeup sex is good for relationships. not that fighting/arguing is healthy, but in small doses it is. it makes both people realize how much they care. i felt so bad for hurting b. like gut wrenching-i-want-to-lay-on-the-floor-cause-i-think-i-may-puke kinda feeling. and it makes you realize how easy it is to hurt someone you love.

and it is scary cause he has the same power to hurt me.

but enough of this sappy crap. i show up at his house for some lunch. i eat. and we are sitting on the couch talking and i am apologizing and so is he. then we start kissing. and i NEED to be leaving to go back to work right then. but he knows if he can keep kisssing me so i can't talk, i will eventually give in once i'm excited enough.

pretty soon i just surrender to the fabulous feelings flowing through me. and we head to the bed room. and it is hard, and dirty, and rough, and all the things that make up sex should be. its as though we were both trying to get the last bit of pent up aggression out of our system. and i think we both succeeded.

yeah for saving the relationship!

I've been bad

very very bad. I haven't blogged in what seems like ages. I picked a fight with b last night (more on that in a second) so i couldn't get him to take hnt pictures for me. and, i let him sleep on the couch.

yeah. last night, i (who never jokes or uses sarcasm to defend oneself) took the jokes with b a little too far and he got pissed. so, then i pick a fight, cause its much easier to argue with someone who is mad versus someone who is hurt. but then he wouldn't take pictures for me. and he slept on my couch.

i did bring him a pillow - the good one too - and he threw it at me. so i left it and went and laid back down. and realized the good pillow was laying on the floor. screw that! so i got it. and when i woke up this morning, he was curled up on the couch using the blanket for a pillow and his jacket to cover up with. yeah. he's still pissed.

up until this, things have been going good. we really haven't fought. was obviously going to happen sometime. and this wasnt really even a fight. it would have been better. instead i just hurt him.

but, there will be a nooner which i will inform you later on, and there will be crazy nail-biting, clothes-ripping, cheese wonton filling sex tonight. cause i said so.

no i don't have crabs.

and my printer dock was sitting on my desk the next morning. i think someone reads this, so that is good. or very very bad...

Tuesday, March 7

crabby pants

i'm not going to say much cause i don't want everyone to think i'm just a whining bitch. but thats ok, cause right now i am.

the weekend was fine. i'm crabby. work sucks. i don't want to be here. i want to go on vacation. my ex-ex boyfriend (the one who sent me flowers on vday) is being stupid crazy and all like, i can't believe you didn't tell me and alll this other stupid random shit and i want to know what the hell he's talking about but i don't want to call him cause then he wins. and work sucks. did i mention that? and it is cloudy gloomy even though it is warm and i hate hate hate spring cause its sloppy muddy, messy shit.

and i'm thirsty and i dont' have enough change to buy a pop and i just want one cause mother of god I WANT ONE AND I GET WHAT I WANT! but not today. amd my office is a mess. this beats. but the girlscout cookies came itn! and i've eaten alot of them. and i have this weird tumor like thing on my hand that is hurty. and i couldn't find my boots that i wanted to wear today. and the neighbor at b's has security locked wireless and i want on and i coulnd't find the unsecured one so i didn't have internet!

see, this is why i'm not posting much. i'll be better tomorrow. cause i'll get laid. oh, but i did have clothes ripping tabletop sex this weekend. and i loved it!

Friday, March 3

Full of excuses, and full of cum

its lame-o. i know. and its late. i sound like a bitchy potentially-pregnant person. but, i babysat last night. and i didn't think it was appropriate to be working with my boobies when there were kiddies. so, here it is, a day late and a dollar short. and not as impressive as i thought it would be.

there was lots of late night try-and-be-quiet sex last night. does anyone else notice when you need to be quiet, things always seem to get more intense? maybe its just me.

therefore, i'm tired today. i just want to get drunk and have wild drunken sex. cause right now i don't want all slow quiet stuff. (not that it was like that last night, but i want to be loud) i want him to rip my clothes off and fuck me while i'm laying on the kitchen table. thats what i want.

write that down.